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312333 Trench Excavation and Backfill rev 6-23-05

2017-6-12 · barrel. Excavation in excess of the depths required for manholes an d other structures shall be corrected by placing a sub -foundation of Class "C" concrete or crushed stone, at no additional expense to the Owner. F. Excavation in Solid Rock: Solid rock is …

Pipeline Depth of Cover

2013-10-4 · Note 1: Rock excavation is any excavation that requires blasting or removal by equivalent means. Note 2: At least 12 inches additional cover is required if the line is located within 50 ft. of any private dwelling, or any industrial building or place of public assembly in …

tunnels and underground excavations

2021-11-21 · tunnels and underground excavations - tunnels and underground excavations - Tunneling techniques: Tunnels are generally grouped in four broad categories, depending on the material through which they pass: soft ground, …

Backfilling Pipe Trenches

There are 2 primary types of pipe trench backfill conditions. The first type is for areas not underneath or near pavement or a building structure (usually to within +/- 5 feet of). This type of trench backfill can typically be filled with the excavated spoils or other soil types which are accepted by the project…

Trenching and Excavation : OSH Answers

2021-11-18 · Working in trenches and excavations is hazardous to both the workers who work inside them, and to workers on the surface. The hazards include: Cave-ins or collapses that can trap workers. Equipment or excavated soil falling on workers (e.g., equipment operated or …


2015-10-15 · (3) Payment will be made for crushed stone bedding in rock excavation as part of the stone backfill line item. If there is not a line item for crushed stone backfill on the bid sheet, the cost shall be included in the unit price bid for water and/or sewer mains and service lines.

Types of Retaining Walls

2009-5-15 · excavation. When the excavation reaches the intended depth, the slurry filled excavation is reinforced with steel and carefully filled with concrete. These walls have been built to 100 foot depths and range from 2 feet to 4 feet in thickness. The panels are typically 15 feet to 25 feet long, and are linked with one another through

Water Main Trench Excavation

The pipe bedding typically just has to cover the pipe from 6-12" surrounding. For plastic water main pipe bedding, crushed stone or gravel is common and for ductile iron watermain pipe bedding, sand is relatively common. For a sizable project, a typical water main trench excavation crew will consist of 2 laborer and 2 operators, and a foreman.

31 23 00 Excavation and Fill

2021-10-29 · AE Project Number: Excavation and Fill 31 23 00 – 1 Revision Date: 1/29/2018 . SECTION 31 23 00 – EXCAVATION AND FILL . PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 RELATED DOCUMENTS A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division-1 Specification sections, apply to Work of this section. 1.2 STANDARDS A.

Excavation or Trenching Cave-In 651XXX

2018-6-6 · 14 deaths during excavation work since 2009 with seven of them from cave-ins. We encourage you to participate in the National Trench Safety Stand Down, raising awareness of the danger of excavation work. OSHA has also established a goal to increase the number of employees from excavation hazards by 10% nation-wide in 2018.


2014-12-15 · 10-3 10.3 Execution 10.3.1 Strip existing topsoil, leaf mold, and organic materials meeting topsoil requirements of Section 11 - "Seeding". Deposit in storage piles separate from other excavated material. 10.3.2 Where the trench width exceeds the allowable width, the Contractor at his own expense shall provide for increased loads on pipe as directed by the Engineer.

CITY OF LETHBRIDGE SECTION 05210 Construction ...

2015-3-4 · 1.0 EXCAVATION AND FILL 1.1 GENERAL.1 The excavation or fill shall be made to provide proper grade, lines and cross-section for the laying of concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, driveway crossings, or combined sidewalks, curbs and gutters as shown on the plans. Irregularities in the grade may be adjusted by use of compacted crushed gravel.


2016-8-4 · G. Excavation: Removal of material encountered above subgrade elevations and to lines and dimensions indicated. 1. Authorized Additional Excavation: Excavation below subgrade elevations or beyond indicated lines and dimensions as directed by the Utility. Authorized additional excavation and replacement material will be paid for

What does unclassified excavation mean?

Common excavation is the excavation of soil materials from within the contract limits; however, this excavation is not limited to soil materials and may include existing HMA pavement. … Section 203 further defines embankment construction as the excavation, hauling, and disposal or compaction of all material.

Excavation and Trenching Safety

2017-4-22 · At least two means of exit shall be provided for personnel working in excavations Width of excavation exceeds 100 ft 2 or more means of exit for each side Excavations 20 feet or more in depth Ramps, Stairs, or mechanical personnel hoists Ladders used as …


2021-11-15 · Excavations What you need to do. The law says you must prevent danger to workers in or near excavations. To maintain the required precautions, a competent person must inspect excavation supports or battering at the start of the working shift and at other specified times.

Methods of Excavation Used for Deep Foundation ...

🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteThere are number of excavation methods which are used for deep foundation construction such as full open cut method, bracing excavation, anchored excavation, island excavation methods,zoned excavation, top down construction …

Excavation and Grading Handbook

2020-8-27 · The number above the diagonal line is the elevation and the number below the diagonal line is the distance. In this case, the information stake shows a cutof 1.0 foot (below the level of the surveyor''s hub) to be made 5.0 feet from the hub for the RS point. Some surveyors may use RPinstead of RS. RPmeans reference point.

9 Special Fill and Backfill

2021-8-20 · obtained within the excavation limits of the contract and is used as such, this material is paid for at $5.00/yd3 for B borrow/structural backfill handling. No further payment is made. Aggregate for end bent backfill is paid for at the contract unit price per cubic yard, …

Blending of recycled glass and crushed rock in road ...

2020-3-19 · Blending of recycled glass and crushed rock in road pavements. Recycled glass is a mixture of different coloured glass particles with debris. It is the result of crushing the waste glass collected from residential and industrial areas. Construction …

Chapter 4 Bases

2021-7-27 · a long life, it is important that ballast or crushed surfacing be placed uniformly to the line, grade, and cross section specified in the plans and compacted properly. Staking See Section 1-05 for listed tolerance and the Highway Surveying Manual M 22-97 for additional instruction concerning staking.

Excavation in Construction from Construction Knowledge

Earth excavation and grading can be a fascinating part of a construction project. The powerful heavy equipment, used to best advantage by a skilled operator, is a joy to behold. The scope of the excavation job varies from digging footings for a small building to moving millions of cubic yards of earth.

Materials | Maine Construction, Excavation & Aggregates ...

4" Crushed Concrete. Recycled 4" Crushed Concrete, lean concrete, crushed to 4" or less in size. This is a recycled product which means we cannot just make more when we run out. Please call the office to see if we currently have some in stock. Details


2019-6-13 · 3.6 temporary excavation and foundation works 3.6.1 excavation works 3.6.2 foundation works 3.6.3 groundwater control 3.7 placement and compaction of backfill 3.8 services 3.9 use of prestressed ground anchors 4. verification of safety and serviceability 4.1 general principles 4.2 design situations 4.3 calculation methods

EBASCO SERVICES INCORPORATED,'' s,,,,,h 5'' o s,g,gi

2019-10-11 · Ebasco Specification Excavation, Backfill, Filling and Grading Project Identification No. CAR-SH-CH-8. CP&L Spec. Status Da te Prepared Bv: Reviewed Bv: Pages Affected Approval Dat dvMb# g R$ 1/10/78 S N Goyal J L Ehash 4>A ''h/, --- 1,g,69 12/30/77 S yGoyalm

Technical Specification 013.01 EXCAVATING, GRADING ...

2016-10-19 · and crushed stone, crushed gravel, and crushed shells Class II: Coarse sands and gravels with maximum practical size of 1-1/2 inch, including variously graded sands and gravels containing small percentages of fines, generally granular and non-cohesive, either wet or dry. Soil Types GW, GP, SW, and SP are included in this class.