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2014-6-9 · use the tools and how to operate the equipment in order to secure good work progress and the expected high quality results. It is also important that staff know the full potential, as well as the limitation, of the use of manual and equipment-based works methods. Finally, tools and equipment need regular maintenance, requiring good workshop

Experiment #3-DIFFERENTIAL LEVELING Second Year | …

2021-11-18 · Transcribed image text: Experiment #3-DIFFERENTIAL LEVELING Second Year Diploma CE S2100P I. INTRODUCTION: Differential levelling is a technique used to determine differences in elevation between points that are remote from each other. It requires the use of an automatic level and levelling rod. This levelling is needed in establishing vertical control points.


2011-2-21 · Use Type: interior applications Laser Diode: 650 nm, class 2 < 1 mW Power: 3 X AA alkaline batteries included No. 0-77-152 No. 0-77-151 Right angle setting. Oblique lines. FINISH Rotary base - rapid & accurate set up of level and right angles Fixing pins - secure fixing to walls Base levelling screw - precision levelling

Answered: Dumpy and tilting level are used for *… | bartleby

Dumpy and tilting level are used for* For differential and profile levelling Profile and cross sectioning Cross sectioning and fly levelling Reciprocal and precise levelling. check_circle.

WATTS 20-7

2014-11-28 · (5 Figure 2) and use the tangent screw (8 Figure 2) to bring the image of the object sighted on the intersection of the crosslines. If vertical circle readings are required, first use the altitude bubble tangent screw (9 Figure 2) to centre the altitude bubble. 2.4-THE SCALES The field of view visible in the reader eyepiece is illustrated in ...

Levelling Tutorial 1

2006-2-24 · Three levelling, or foot, screws . A foot plate or trivet that attaches to the tripod head. Also labeled in this picture: The horizontal circle, which allows the instrument to be used to measure horizontal angles to an accuracy of 1° (Not found on all …


2018-3-5 · TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT FOR LAND DEVELOPMENT, TILLAGE AND SEEDBED PREPARATION Land development is the costliest pperation in farming. It involves jungle clearance, soil opening with deep tillage equipment, moving soil from high to low spots, making farm roads, field bunding and levelling .etc. These operations require use of self propelled and heavy


2020-12-22 · Elevation, as used in this manual, is a height referenced to a vertical datum. Supplemental Information U.S. customary feet (ft) may be converted to U.S. survey feet (sft) as follows: sft=(ft×2×10−6)−ft U.S. customary units are the primary units used in …

CPCCCA3023A Carry out levelling operations LR V1.7

2018-2-12 · Levelling is the process of determining the difference in elevation between two or more points. When the instrument has been set up and adjusted, various heights can be obtained by reference to this horizontal plane. Note: ***Any piece of equipment used to measure variations in the height of the ground is called a Levelling Device

Levelling Tools & Equipment in Engineering Survey

2017-1-22 · The instrument and staff are used to gather and / or transfer elevation (levels) during site surveys. Measurement generally starts from the benchmark with known …

Dumpy Level

Dumpy Level. The dumpy level originally designed by Gravatt, consists of a telescope tube firmly secured in two collars fixed by adjusting screws to the stage carried by the vertical spindle. The modern form of dumpy level has the telescope tube and the …


2021-3-1 · tilting screw below the eyepiece. A tilting level has two bubbles: A circular bubble on the upper plate to achieve approximate leveling by means of the three foot screws; A telescope bubble (tube bubble) to be leveled for each sighting by the tilting screw only. A special type of tilting level is the "quickest" level, often used in the P.I.U''s.


2021-1-14 · CAUTION: The equipment and its parts are hot. Use care when operating, cleaning and servicing. Your kettle should be cleaned immediately after each use or when cooking a different product. Before cleaning, check that the kettle has cooled enough to touch it. 1. Rinse the inside of the kettle thoroughly and drain to remove any food particles.

Types of Surveying Equipment & Their Uses

Below is a summary of eight different types of surveying equipment and their uses: 1. Chains and Tapes. Taking accurate measurements is one of the most important tasks a land surveyor must complete. There is a variety of tools that can be used to take …

Report Levelling

Report Levelling. 2050 Words9 Pages. LEVELLING (Two Peg Test) Introduction. Two Peg test need to carry out before we start the levelling job to ensure the instrument in good condition 1.0 Aim. Peg Test is a surveying operation carried out to determine if the leveling bubble (bubble axis) and telescope line-of-sight ( line of collimation )are ...

Spirit levelling procedure | Download Scientific Diagram

Download scientific diagram | Spirit levelling procedure from publication: ESTIMATION OF ORTHOMETRIC HEIGHT USING EGM2008 AND GPS OVER NAIROBI COUNTY AND ITS ENVIRONS | Global Navigation Satellite ...

Operator''s Manual for Attachment

attachment that are used, and all safety instructions before using the equipment. Using the equipment for other purposes or use in any other way than described in this manual is prohibited. Keep this manual at hand throughout the service life of the equipment. If you sell or transfer the equipment, be sure to hand over this manual to the new owner.


2014-3-12 · Levelling Equipment Modern Tilting Level Small up/down motion of telescope is possible. Adjustment of level bubble needed before measurement This type of level is fitted with a circular bubble for preliminary approximate levelling and a main bubble which is attached to the telescope. For each observation (not setup) the main bubble is viewed

Types of Levelling Instruments used in Surveying.

2021-11-21 · As the micrometer screw tilts the telescope in a vertical plane, the level is called a tilting level. When a tilting level is used for levelling work, the vertical axis is …

Linear Surveys & Levelling

2017-3-5 · Description: This unit introduces the techniques used on site to collect data in order to produce a plan of a site. Author: Gates MacBain Associates Section 1 Introduction. This Module is designed to complement your lectures and the practical work within your course. It does not replace the lectures or experience that you will need to get by carrying out the practical tasks.

Surveying Manual

2016-9-29 · SURVEY EQUIPMENT Equipment for each lab assignment will be checked out at the beginning of the lab and checked back in when the assignment is finished. Some important things to remember about the use and care of the equipment are as follows: 1. Much of the equipment we will use is very expensive and quite sensitive, great care

Guideline for Control Surveys by Differential Levelling ...

2020-12-11 · Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping Guideline for Control Surveys by Differential Levelling – SP1 5 Version 2.2 ICSM (2020), Guideline for the Adjustment and Evaluation of Survey Control, Version 2.2, Intergovernmental Committee on …

University of California, Berkeley

2012-8-20 · 4. Instructions for Use 4.1 Setting up the tripod 4.2 Unpacking and setting up the instrument 4.3 Getting the instrument ready for use 4.3.1 Centering the instrument with the plumb line 4.3-2 Centering the instrument with the optical plummet 4.3.3 Levelling the instrument 4.34 Precaution for measurements 4.4 pointing 4.5 Reading the circles

What is levelling?

Barometric levelling makes use of the phenomenon that difference in elevation between two points is proportional to the difference in atmospheric pressures at these points. A barometer, therefore, may be used and the readings observed at different points …


2020-4-25 · than 250 km2 plane surveying can safely be used. For most engineering projects such as canal, railway, highway, building, pipeline, etc constructions, this type of surveying is used. It is worth noting that the difference between an arc distance of 18.5 km and the subtended chord lying in the earth s surface is 7mm. Also the sum of the angles of a


2021-9-2 · Levelling and surveying methods are also used for measurements of river channel and lake configurations. Often, less accurate methods can be used for this work than for water-level recording stations, although the techniques are common. 3.2 Definitions Differential levelling is the term applied to any method of measuring directly with a graduated

Chapter 6. Data-Flow Diagrams

2015-11-18 · system this diagram is describing – look at the diagram to get a feel for the symbols and notation of a data-flow diagram. Figure 6.1. An example data-flow diagram As can be seen, the DFD notation consists of only four main symbols: 1. Processes — the activities carried out by the system which use and transform information. Processes