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Program for Design and Drawing of Agitator / Mixer

2021-8-25 · Program for Design and Drawing of Agitator / Mixer asks for size of vessel and properties of liquid. For Axial Flow Turbine, TurboProp, Paddle, Anchor, Anchor/Paddle or Gate you can select either Bolted or Welded Impeller. You can …

Stefan Steverding Rührwerkstechnik : Vertical agitators

Vertically agitating biogas fermenters constitute a niche segment, however, their use is strongly increasing. Steverding Rührwerkstechnik offers efficient agitator technology for a broad variety of substrates – whether you need fermenters with a central agitator or several eccentric agitators, or even receiving tanks for food industry waste products.

Lightnin Mixers

2019-12-4 · Lightnin can assist in the specification of mixer design, tank internals, feed stream locations and product draw-off position to optimize your ... designed agitator gear drives to ensure dependability and lowest cost of ownership. With more than 1 million units in the field our operating ... Recommended for high shear mixing and gas dispersion ...

Mixing until the end

The THALETEC CXR Agitator is a four-bladed, radially acting agitator whose bottom edge essentially follows the contour of the tank bottom for an almost constant distance. In addition, the agitator is attached to the joint location of an extended agitator shaft, so that the ground clearance is between 60 mm and 100 mm depending on the tank size.

Clamp on Agitator for Mash Tun/Fermenter

 · Third, an agitator for a tank that big is going to be so heavy that having it be removable is of questionable value. I''d recommend engineering a crossbeam that can clamp securely to both sides of the tank (probably out of C channel steel or stainless) on which an agitator motor and gearbox are mounted.

Agitators & Mixers |Quick Clamp Electric Motor

Your efficiency will increase drastically as electric driven agitators are up to 5 times more efficient compared to pneumatic ones. In combination with the flexibility of these agitators (wide variety of mounting configurations), upgrading your existing Graco agitator will be easy. Noise level is a major reason for upgrading to electric technology.

Agitator / Mixer for Vessels

2020-12-6 · For Mild mixing, time required for total mixing can be few hours. Degree of agitation increases with increase in number of revolutions of agitator and increase in impeller diameter. Type of Agitator: Generally it is mounted vertically at the top of the tank. This is the normal practice for mounting an agitator in small and medium size tanks.

IBC Tote Mixers

2021-11-22 · The Pulsair tote agitator can be used to mix liquids in any type of IBC tote tank and any size or dimension tote tank including food grade totes, 180-gallon tote mixing, 250-gallon tote mixing, 275-gallon totes, 300-gallon totes, 330-gallon totes, 450-gallon totes and 550-gallon tote.


2021-5-11 · 149-693* Quick Mixer only, less motor & handle (for 55 gal containers) Quick Mixers 14,36,37 149-874* Quick Mixer Complete (for 55 gallon containers) Quick Mixers 14,34,35 202-55-2 2-Paddle Gear Drive Agitator (with cover) Assemblies 10,32,33

Vertical Mixing Tank 100L With Agitator – secondhand ...

100L-tank with agitator Stainless Steel open mixing tank with agitator. Exterior dimensions: Dia Ø 610/930 mm Total H 1500 mm. Vertical stainless steel tank - 1 pc. Topmounted agitator and 2" outlet. Brand: Paasch & Silkeborg. AISI 316.

Manufacturers of Industrial Agitators | Mixing Systems ...

Our team of highly trained engineers will design an optimal mixing solution for your specific mixing requirement. Using a fluid mixing design software to simulate the performance of your existing agitator system, we can recommend a superior agitator design that will optimize your mixing by reducing batch time and power consumption and improving ...

Liquid Mixing Agitator, Vertical in tank Liquid Mixing ...

2019-8-26 · All these tank could be made according to customer''s requirement Industrial chemical vertical fertilizer liquid soap paint tank agitator mixer Material including: 304SS, 316LSS or other grade according to customer''s requirement. Surface finish options of …

Agitators Designed and Manufactured by AFX Holdings

This may be due to tank construction and load limitations, or even area limitations overhead. Although the design of the side entry agitator may sometimes call for larger power installations, the impeller to tank ratio to achieve the desired mixing/blending or suspension pattern is substantially smaller.

Binks Agitators and Mixers

2021-1-26 · 149-693* Quick Mixer (mixer only, SS) less air motor Quick Mixers 10 149-874* Quick Mixer for 55 Gallon Drums (SS) Quick Mixers 10 202-55-2 2-Paddle Gear Agitator w/Cover Assemblies 7 202-55-4 4-Paddle Gear Agitator w/Cover Assemblies 7 843001 Direct …

Mixing Impeller,Agitator Impeller,Parts Of Agitator

Mixing Impeller (Agitator Impeller) Description. The agitator impeller in the agitator tank is used to agitate the liquid or slurry in the tank. It can combine substances in the form of solid, liquid and gas. These impellers enable forced convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gas media. The function of stirring impeller is to transfer the ...

Agitators & Mixers |Electric Agitator

Electric Agitator - UL Listed Choosing for Electric Agitators means choosing for advanced controls and higher energy savings when it comes to something as basic as an agitator. Your efficiency will increase drastically as electric driven agitators are up to 5 times more efficient compared to pneumatic ones.

Types of Agitators, Agitator''s Design and Significance ...

2021-11-22 · Diameter of Agitator: Usually the diameter of agitator depends on the Diameter of the vessel, It is generally 1/3rd the diameter of the tank for Marine Propeller, Axial flow turbine, Turbo Propeller, Disc Blade turbine, Flat Blade turbine, Backward …

Chemineer™ HT Agitators Reliable Proven Performance

2019-4-9 · The reliable and rugged HT agitator has provided long, trouble free service in harsh, demanding applications. For open or closed tanks, the HT agitator is the industry standard of reliability and technology in mixing. Proven Performance Drive Features Internal Shafting • Oversized, low speed internal shaft with a short bearing span reduces

Alfa Laval Agitator

2020-11-16 · - The Alfa Laval Agitator is only for mixing/stirring of liquids in a tank. - The Agitator is only for mounting positions as specified on the nameplate by the first group of letters of the type designation. ALT(B)- is for top mounting, ALS- is for side mounting and ALB- is for bottom mounting.

Mixers and Agitators

1998-1-1 · Tank Shape Figure 16-3 depicts the nomenclature used in explaining mixer layout and design. Most tanks are cylindrical and typically have a liquid height over tank diameter (Z/T) ratio of about 1.0. On occasion, tanks have very low Z/T ratios of 0.2 to 0.4, which is typical of the large storage tanks in the petroleum industry.

What''s the Best Tank Mixing System for Your Chemical Tank?

2021-2-15 · If the mixer isn''t properly mounted and bracketed, improper mixing can result in additional costs of wasted materials, and potential damage to the mixer or even the tank. The mixer agitator must be supported by a bracketing system or attachment that is compatible with your particular storage tank.

Process Mixers

Mixer/Agitator For 750,000 Gal Waste Water Tank. The item for sale in this listing is a Philadelphia Mixer Size/Type: MTE 250- 0/3- Serial Number: 87EY01894-I/P2- Size/Type: MTE 250-0/3- HP: 40- Input RPM: 1.200- Ratio: 70.1-1- Output RPM: 16.5- Include shaft (inside tank) and propeller. Also included is a spare MTE 250 Gear Drive.

Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid …

2012-5-29 · Mechanical Agitator Power Requirements for Liquid Batches can be determined from the energy balance equation and empirical correlations. Figure 1 represents a typical industrial system used for mixing a batch liquid (Figures are located at the end of the Course Content example). The mixing of batch liquids, as studied in this


AGITATOR SUPER MIX. By using the working pressure, the mixing power of SUPERMIX is greater than the performance of traditional systems, ensuring a flow rate of 300 to 1300 l/min. depending on the pump and nozzle used. This circuit utilises the pump return flow during limit, control and tank filling operations, when all the pump delivery fluid ...

Agitation Best Practices for Improved Mixing

2015-7-16 · The agitator should never be run at full speed with the liquid level at the agitator blade level. When the agitator is run with the fluid in the vessel at approximately the same level as the blades, fluid flow can cause the shaft to "skate", resulting in …

Design and Implementation of Differential Agitators to ...

2012-2-6 · This research is to design and implement a new kind of agitators called differential agitator. The Differential Agitator is an electro- mechanic set consists of two shafts. The first shaft is the bearing axis while the second shaft is the axis of the …

Mixing & Agitation | PG Flow Solutions

2021-11-19 · Mixing is the movement of fluids and solids, which is accomplished by an agitation source. An agitator is a device or mechanism to put something into motion by shaking or stirring. How it works. A mixer, or agitator, is a machine installed in a tank to achieve the desired process or product in the tank.