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Magnetic Separators | Cyclotron Products, Inc.

Magnetic Separators. Cyclotron''s magnetic power separators, model CTMD, efficiently filter particles as small as 25 microns from all ferrous swarf materials in water-based or synthetic oils requiring minimal electric power and no disposable filter media. Our magnetic separators are housed in high carbon steel with a raised pole design, using powder-coated steel components.

Dirt and Air Separators

2021-11-18 · Dirt and Air Separators: Introduction and Sizing Guide. During fabrication and installation of a new system there will be a build-up of dirt and once the system is in operation there will be an accumulation of scale and particles from corrosion caused …

Autofiltrex Magnetic Filter | Eclipse Magnetics

The Autofiltrex magnetic filter or coolant separator is the latest in market-leading magnetic filtration technology., ensuring a 24/7 clean machine tool fluids. With an integral waste reclaim and fluid recovery system it operates with minimal user intervention. Ideal for CNC filtration, grinding, honing, lapping, wash solution and steel ...

Filters, dirt separators and pressure regulators | ITAP

Magnetic dirt separator I-MAG XL. COP188S. Insulation shells for magnetic dirt separator IMAG-XL. 146. Automatic filling unit. 143. EUROPRESS pressure reducing valve. 143MM. EUROPRESS pressure reducing valve with union connection. 243. EUROPRESS pressure reducing valve dezincification resistant brass. 360.

MagVent Air and Dirt Separators

The Magvent is comprised of a very fine stainless-steel strainer capable of removing air, microbubbles, and magnetite. Inside the body of our unit is also a high-gauss magnetic rod, these two elements combined together provide a very powerful cleaning device. …

Dirt separator with dual magnetic fields CALEFFI

2021-8-16 · the magnetic collar, pulling out the magnetic pull rod from the top-mounted brass dry-well and opening the drain valve. Allow for a minimum 4¾ inch space above the separator to completely remove the magnetic pull rod. Aided by the system pressure, the dirt and ferrous impurities, including magnetite, flushes out quickly and effectively ...

MOSNIC specializes in the manufacture of filtration ...

Magnet Separator [ MAGTON (MGT) ] : Secondary Filter. High-magnetic, high-efficiency design for high performance separation. ... Features. A pump delivers primarily filtered coolant or grinding dirty coolant to the Magton. When the coolant passes through the Magton drum, magnets installed inside the drum interior capture and filter out sludge ...

Magnetic Dirt Separator

Magnetic Dirt Separator; Product Images. Explanation. In heating and air conditioning control systems, the circulation of water containing impurities may result in rapid wear and damage to components such as pumps and control valves. It also causes blockages in the heat exchangers, heating elements and pipes, resulting in a lower thermal ...

Magnetic ViRAPLUS Air & Dirt Separator

2017-12-28 · Install the magnetic separator in the direction of flow in accordance with the arrow shown on the connection. ( fig. 1A-1B-1C-1D ) TYPE : SC-M Applications The Vira magnetic separator is intended for heating and cooling systems with water (Glycol maximum 50%). Vira magnetic separator complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC.

4900 Series Magnetic Dirt Separator |

2021-11-16 · 4900 Series Magnetic Dirt Separator. Metallic & Loose Particle Elimination. The Taco 4900 Series ® Magnetic Dirt Separator increase system life and efficiency by removing ferrous material and other harmful, loose particles from closed loop hydronic heating systems. A powerful, service-free magnetic ring and convenient blow down valve are included for quick and easy system maintenance.


The dirt separator protects the heat pump or central heating system against (magnetic) dirt and ensures energy savings of up to 7.4%. Available in sizes from 22 mm to 2", the unit is suitable for practically any residential system. This month we celebrate that we have produced the millionth SpiroTrap MB3. An unreal number of which we are very ...

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SpiroTrap- Dirt Separators - Spirotech

Dirt Separation |

The Spirotrap® Dirt Separator, primarily applied in open condenser water systems, uses our patented Spirotube® medium to create a low velocity, low turbulence dirt separation chamber. Dirt and sediment is then able to break free of the flow path and fall to the …

Magnetic Separators

2021-9-30 · The Filtertech model MSI magnetic separator utilizes a vertical bar design in which a series of magnetic bars form a chain that is driven by a rotating assembly. The bar chains are arranged in parallel to form a magnetic separation two pass grid …

Magnetic ViraFix Daerator, Dirt & Hydraulic Separator

2021-6-8 · The Vira magnetic separator is intended for heating and cooling systems with water (Glycol maximum 50%). Vira magnetic separator complies with the Pressure Equipment Directive, 2014/68/EC. Vira magnetic separator may be hot during operation.

Dings Co Magnetic Group – Eddy Current Separators

2021-10-15 · Eddy Current Separator. Dings Eddy Current Separators are designed for separating fractional-sized non-ferrous metal from your product stream. They are built for dirty, dusty surroundings found at many job sites. Permanent rare earth magnets used in the separators are well-suited for industrial applications. Dings Eddy Current Separators have ...


SpiroTrap dirt separators ensure quick and efficient dirt separation and removal, which is essential for cost control and energy conservation. We offer an extensive range, from small brass solutions to heavy-duty steel units, specifically designed for the removal of dirt.

Magnetic Dirt Separator

The dirt separator separates off these dirt particles, collecting them in a large collection chamber, from which they can be removed even while the system is in operation. This device is capable of efficiently removing even the smallest particles, with extremely limited head loss. If playback doesn''t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Model MMS Mini Magnetic Separator

2021-9-30 · The dirty liquid enters the Mini Mag Separator through the lower inlet port. The liquid travels up the interior of the vessel at low velocity where it must pass by several magnetic bars which contain permanent high-strength magnets. As the liquid passes …

Magnetic Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators

Magnetic Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators As an aid to system cleaning you should specifically install Magnetic Filtering. The magnetite range has been developed to remove potentially damaging particles from both hot and chilled water systems.


Magnetic dirt separator I-MAG XL. COP188S. Insulation shells for magnetic dirt separator IMAG-XL. CERTIFIED QUALITY. ITAP products have obtained approvals by more than 30 certification bodies from all over the world. This is made possible thanks to the attention paid to quality during the whole production cycle.

Cyclonic Filters | Cyclotron Products, Inc.

Dirty liquid enters the cyclone separator inlet (A) under pressure on a tangent causing the liquid to spin in a downward rotation with increasing speed (B) causing a primary cyclonic action. The clean liquid forms a secondary cyclone that rises through the center of the primary cyclone and connects to the vortex finder (C) as it exits the ...

Magnetic dirt separators

On Rubinetteria you will find the best-brand magnetic dirt separators at excellent prices and if you have any questions call us, our technicians will be able to answer all your requests! Filter. Show new Items PRICE (low to high) PRICE (high to low) available now. Systems products. available now. -25%. RBM. RBM dirt separator MG1 3070.05.00.

SpiroTrap MB3/MBL -Brass -Magnet -Uni

The benefits of the UE SpiroTrap MB3/MBL dirt separators. Very small particles, from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm) are separated and removed. Including a magnet for extra protection and high efficient removal of magnetite. Dirt can be drained while the system is in operation. No shut-off valves or bypass required. Constant low pressure drop.


2017-11-12 · Magnetic Separation This method of separation is exemplified by the separation of iron filings. A mixture with iron filings as one of the components can be separated using a magnet to attract the iron particles away from the mixture. Fig 4: Chromatography Chromatography Chromatography is an advanced technique of separation in which individual


2021-5-28 · The filter and magnetic dirt separators clean the water of thermal systems through the combined action of their components: dirt separator, filter, magnet. The devices eliminate impurities, sludge, ferromagnetic residues originating from the corrosion of the systems, helping to prevent clogging of heat exchangers and blocking of high-efficiency ...

Magnetic Coolant Filtration Systems | Eclipse Magnetics

Dirty machine coolant and lubrication can cause wear and tear to machinery and adversely affect quality of the surface finish. The waste from mechanical processes such as grinding, milling, and cutting metals often contains fine ferrous particles. ... In addition, magnetic filtration systems protect the environment by minimising disposal of ...

Filtration & Magnetic Separation Products

2021-11-17 · Maggie Magnetic Separator. The fully automatic, in-line, high intensity, patented Maggie magnetic separator is the best available technology for separating magnetic contaminants from process fluids. Maggie technology can remove particles …

Spirocombi Magnet

Spirocombi Magnet - Spirovent Air and Dirt Separator with Magnet Eliminates air and protects pumps, valves, boilers and heat exchangers from dirt and debris Eliminates of the free air, of the entrained air, and up to 99.6% of the dissolved air in the system

Air / Dirt Separation and Dosing Solutions | Flamco Group

Air / Dirt Separation and Dosing Solutions - Installations in which the water has been properly degassed, and are free from all kinds of dirt particles, use less energy, produce less noise and have a longer service life. Flamco products provide these sustainable solutions. In our products we use established principles combined with new technologies, such as with the XStream series of air and ...


2015-9-28 · A magnetic separator generating a high magnetic force of 2.6 T (26000 G). Used for weak magnetic substances which cannot be ... dust and dirt produced in these processes and to prevent noise, the machines and surrounding areas are covered and water is sprayed. Dust

Magnetic Particle Filtration For Metalworking Fluids ...

1997-5-1 · Cleaner liquid is discharged from the bottom of the separator. Fine magnetic particles suspended in the dirty liquid tend to flocculate when introduced to the strong magnetic field, thus increasing separation efficiency. Accordingly, this coolant cleaner is effective even on moderate, or paramagnetic particles.

Dirt and Air Separators

2021-11-18 · When the water flow is 70m 3 /h, the pressure loss for the DN150 dirt and air separator is 1kPa. On the ''Flow'' axis at point A (70m 3 /h), move vertically to point B on the DN150 line. Move left from point B to point C on the ''pressure loss'' axis. In this …